Tips and preparation for climbing Mount Batur: As prospective climbers, it would be even better if we also knew some information related to the mountain we were going to climb. Apart from that, knowing the tips and preparations we have to do before climbing is also no less important.

Just like climbing other mountains in Indonesia, you also have to prepare to climb mountains in Bali. And this also applies if you have plans to climb Mount Batur shortly. Even though the climbing route is relatively easy, we still recommend that you learn various tips, information, and preparations that are needed before trekking on Mount Batur.

Some Tips and Preparations for Climbing Mount Batur, Bali

Not only for beginners, but the following things also need to be learned by experienced climbers: This is, of course, so that the entire trip runs smoothly according to plan, from leaving until you arrive back at your home or hotel where you are staying. So in this article, we will provide complete information regarding several tips and preparations before climbing Mount Batur. What are they? Check out the explanation below:

  • Prepare yourself physically to be fit before climbing.

Preparing your physical condition to be fit and healthy when climbing is a must. You can do small amounts of exercise regularly, perhaps a week before the climb. Doing jogging in the morning or evening for a distance of 1 to 3 kilometers every day, or at least every other day, will keep your body fit. Apart from that, this will also make the leg muscles stronger. So the risk of cramps when climbing can be minimized.

Apart from preparing your body to be fit, before climbing, you also have to prepare yourself mentally. Convince yourself that you will be able to overcome all the challenges that arise along the way. Even though Mount Batur is only 1,717 meters above sea level, there are often climbers who complain during the climb. This may be because previously they had not prepared themselves thoroughly mentally and came to climb just for the sensation.

  • Choose the most appropriate climbing time.

The second thing you must think about is choosing the right time and making careful plans. If you want to get a more beautiful view, then climbing to see the sunrise is the right choice. Make sure you arrive at the start point of the climb at around 3.00 and arrive at the top before sunrise. Climbing to the top usually takes about two hours, sometimes even longer.

You also have to think about the right place to stay. If possible, the night before the climb, we recommend staying at a hotel that is not too far from Mount Batur. There are many choices of hotels or lodgings close to the Start Point for the Mount Batur Toya Bungkah Climb that you can choose from at quite cheap prices.

Apart from that, if possible, come during the dry season. During the dry season, the probability of being able to see beautiful natural views from the peak is 8/10. It is true that if you climb Mount Batur during the rainy season, the chance of rain in the morning is very small, but the possibility of a foggy view is quite frequent.

  • Know and prepare the equipment you need to bring.

You are knowing and preparing the various equipment you need when climbing is also important. There are only a few pieces of equipment that you need to prepare if you want to climb Mount Batur.

The first is trekking shoes. If you don’t have shoes with good grip, the important thing is that your feet will feel comfortable later. Second, bring a jacket and gloves in case the weather turns cold when you arrive at the top. Third, if you climb during the rainy season, don’t forget to bring a raincoat or poncho. The last thing is to also prepare a stick and flashlight (if you have a headlamp, that would be better).

So, what if you order one of our Mount Batur sunrise trekking package options? If you use our service, you only need to prepare trekking shoes and a jacket. The rest of the sticks, flashlights, and raincoats will be prepared by us for you.

  • Don’t forget to prepare enough food and drink.

The weather and air temperature at the top of the mountain are, of course, slightly cooler compared to the lowlands. Cold temperatures will make us feel hungry more quickly. This is because our body will need more energy to warm itself.

For your information, at the top of Mount Batur, there are now several stalls that are always open every morning. If necessary, at this stall you can also buy food such as boiled eggs, instant noodles, and drinks. If you want to bring your food, that’s not a problem. Bring food that is not too excessive but contains enough calories. Remember, bringing and drinking drinks containing alcohol is not recommended during the climb.

If you order the Mount Batur sunrise trekking price package that includes breakfast that we offer, then you don’t need to think about it anymore. This package includes breakfast and bottled drinking water. Apart from that, the package also includes warm drinks when you reach the top, such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. With this, you no longer need to bring too much food and drink.

  • Know and understand the climbing route that suits your needs and abilities!

To reach the top of Mount Batur, there are four climbing routes that you can choose from. Each path has different characters and levels of difficulty. Even though the goal is the same, namely to get to the main peak (1717 meters above sea level), each route also offers a different view during the journey up and down.

If you already understand the terrain and climbing routes of Mount Batur, it will be very helpful, especially if you climb without using a local guide. If climbing without a guide, there must be at least one person who has climbed Mount Batur several times before. This is so that you are not confused when determining which route to use.

  • Bring a camera or cellphone with good image quality.

Apart from being able to see the beauty of nature from the height of the mountain, you can also use climbing activities as a place to exercise. Arriving at the top of the mountain is certainly not complete if you don’t immortalize it in a picture. Here, you are required to bring a camera or cellphone with storage capacity and good image quality.

If necessary, you can also bring a drone, as long as you are skilled at operating it so that it doesn’t endanger other people when using it. Apart from that, the weight of the drone and the bag is also quite heavy, so make sure you are strong enough to carry it up and down.

  • Choose the Right Guide for Climbing Mount Batur

Choosing the right local guide is also no less important. You can get references for Mount Batur guides from various sources. One trusted source is TripAdvisor, which provides real reviews of all tour companies providing climbing services to Mount Batur.

You can also get information about local guides on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. However, if you get a direct reference from friends or family who have climbed before, it will make you feel safer and more comfortable.


Mount Batur is not too difficult to conquer; many beginners, children, and even the elderly can complete it without the slightest problem. Even though the climbing terrain is quite easy, you are also obliged to learn tips and preparations before climbing this mountain, which is famous for its beautiful sunrises.

Above are 7 tips and preparations for climbing Mount Batur, which you could use as a guide and reference before deciding to visit and do the trekking. Thank you for visiting the website. I hope it is useful. See you!

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